Food Waste Resources: Prevention, Diversion, Reuse and Composting

Further With Food: Center for Food Loss and Waste Solutions, at The site is intended to help realize the national goal to halve food waste by 2030, announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in September 2015.

Consumer Goods Forum‘s (CGF’s) case study booklet showcases an array of different examples from companies across the consumer goods industry of how they reduce food waste in their operations and supply chains.

2016: The Birth of the U.S. Food Waste Movement?


More Resources


Lean Path: Simple solutions to cut your kitchen’s food waste in half. LeanPath helps commercial kitchens around the world prevent food waste with industry-leading food waste smart meters.

WWF, AHLA, Rockefeller Foundation Kick Off Pilot to Curb Hotel Food Waste, 3月ch 24, 2017

5 Steps Every Food Retailer Should Take to Eliminate Food Waste

Diversion and Reuse:

For reuse as inputs by other businesses:

Food Waste for Farms

Denver Food Rescue’s bicycle-powered food recovery operation. Innovation sharing via the Food Rescue Alliance.

Denver’s Food System: A Baseline Report, an analysis of how the city can build a resilient food system by capturing waste.

Entrepreneurship in the food waste space, example EcoRise, which is helping youth become smarter consumers and advocates with tools they need to conduct food waste audits at their schools

Insect farms: Investors see big profits in thinking small

For These Entrepreneurs, Cutting Food Waste Starts In A Maggot Bucket, NPR

Insects: a protein-rich feed ingredient in pig and poultry diets

South Africa: AgriProtien operates fly-factories that are already making a big dent in the waste-to-landfill problem directory

Grubco 7995 N. Gilmore Road at Bohlke Boulevard Fairfield, OH  45014, U.S.A.

Composting: offers central Ohio Food Waste Courier Services, Food Waste Systems and Compost.

The Compost Exchange is a food waste recycling service with “drop off” locations at several farmers’ markets in the Columbus, Ohio area.  Our mission is to make it easy and affordable for you to recycle your home or office generated food waste.

Composting – Ohio EPA –
Ohio Compost Producers Association
3511 West Cleveland Road
Huron, OH 44839
Sharon Barnes

Waste to energy:

Quasar Energy Group

Green Scoop Pet Waste Services

Other Materials Recycling Resources:

Ohio Recycling Coalition

The Association of Ohio Recyclers (AOR)

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